Tracking Television’s Trends

These days, more and more people watch TV on-the-go: on their laptops, tablets, or cell phones rather than on their televisions. These alternative streaming methods allow viewers to access content, both new and old, through a variety of channels – posing a unique challenge to those who wish to track audience reception. Vice President, Director of Programming Services, Carat USA, Billie Gold, is acutely aware of this trend, but explains that tracking technology has caught up with streaming. Tracking, which previously required a physical device, can now take place through audio signals launched as soon as content is accessed. Of this advancement Gold says, “Now, we’re able to follow where the eyeballs are going,” allowing the industry to be even more strategic as they curate content.

Billie Gold is the Vice President, Director of Programming Services at Carat USA, a media specialist agency. She is responsible for supplying buyers and international affiliates with research data on television trends in cable, syndication, and broadcast. Gold has more than 30 years of experience in advertising. Her career began at MTV in 1983, where she worked in the ad sales department. From there, she went on to hold positions at ABC, Bates Worldwide, TVRC, and WNBC.