Keys for Successful Pitching

Keep it simple and keep it personal—those are the keys to a great sales pitch, according to communications coach Paul Krikler. Krikler has spent his career mentoring and training financial services professionals on how to communicate more effectively. “When people make a pitch, they feel the need to put on a formal presentation style,” says Krikler, but using jargon and overcomplicating an argument doesn’t serve anyone involved. Paul Krikler sits down with GLG to talk bad habits, better messaging, and how you can nail your next presentation.

Since 2009, Paul Krikler has been the owner of Krikler Consulting, providing communication skills coaching, client service skills training, mentoring, and board coaching to financial services professionals. Krikler started his career as a chartered accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers before joining Goldman Sachs in London as an analyst. He earned an MA with honors in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.