The Geopolitical Landscape of Europe After Brexit

Especially post-Brexit, but even for the decades prior, the geopolitical situation in Europe is precarious, according to EU policy expert Dr. Miguel Mesquita da Cunha. Even though Europe is “uncomfortably close to a geographic arc which is on fire,” it has faltered on its political situation and “has let its defense efforts go down the drain,” he says. Mesquita da Cunha explains the consequences of Britain’s weakened position, especially in the wake of global nuclear proliferation. He sits down with GLG to discuss the “tragedy” of Brexit, the current state of Britain’s defense system, and what lies ahead for European geopolitics.

Miguel Mesquita da Cunha is a former policy advisor to two successive European Commission Presidents from 1999 to 2003 and was a member of the Bureau of the Secretary General of NATO. He currently works as an independent consultant specializing in EU policy and is a respected authority on various European institutions and industries, including utilities, telecoms, climate change, and financial reforms.