International Trade

In the nearly 20 years since Madeline Albright declared the U.S. the “indispensable nation,” globalization has shifted its role to that of an “indispensable partner,” according to global trade expert Edward Goldberg. He warns the next administration against disturbing the U.S.-China relationship, as it is his belief an increasingly complex and interconnected world requires a more stable partnership between nations. Goldberg also discusses the implications of rising interest rates on the world economy.


“Stability and partnerships are more important than trading and selling.”


About Edward Goldberg

Edward Goldberg is an expert on globalization and trade and a professor at Baruch College’s Zicklin Graduate School of Business, as well as New York University’s Center for Global Affairs. Goldberg is also President of the Annisa Group, a consulting firm that addresses global trade issues. Previously, Goldberg represented the United States Department of State at the International Conference on International Relations and Problems of Globalization. During the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, he was a member of President Obama’s Foreign Policy Network Team. In the lead up to the 2004 election, he served on Senator Kerry’s Russia and CIS Policy Team. He is the author of The Joint Ventured Nation: Why America Needs a New Foreign Policy.