Using Data Modeling to Make Better Decisions

In this year’s president election the concept of data-modeling is as common as it is essential, but in 2008, it was groundbreaking. Barack Obama’s first presidential bid has long been touted for its effective use of technology and social media to engage young voters, but as Obama’s former campaign manager David Plouffe tells GLG, it was much more than that. Data allowed Plouffe to make more strategic decisions on how money should be spent, how time should be allocated, and whether or not a particular state could be won — all of which helped propel Obama to victory.

Delivering unprecedented insights on “disruptive innovation”—or as he calls it, “simple progress”—from the front lines of momentous shifts in both politics and business, Plouffe shares with audiences the crucial elements to producing effective results and grasping competitive, transformative opportunities for growth. A pioneering force in the field of politics, technology and grassroots leadership, and with extensive experience in successfully leading large teams, Plouffe now brings his expertise as a proven field general and innovator to Uber, where he currently serves as chief advisor. In 2008, Plouffe built a billion-dollar nationwide organization that inspired millions and made history electing Barack Obama President. In 2012, the Obama campaign didn’t rely on the glory of their past triumph, but harnessed the latest technologies, including the game-changing use of big data, executed a gritty plan for today’s challenges and again made history by winning re-election under the toughest of economic circumstances. From crafting and sticking with a strategy, targeted use of social media, the importance of sophisticated research and big data to drive productivity and enhance communication, Plouffe inspires creativity and motivation for innovative solutions pertinent to any organization seeking to be at the forefront of change in their industry. As senior advisor to President Obama, Plouffe was at the center of the debate on the key issues now facing our country, from tax and entitlement reform to immigration reform to foreign policy challenges, allowing him to share with audiences his distinct perspectives into how these issues will impact our economy and politics for years to come. He is the author of New York Times best seller The Audacity to Win: The Inside Story and Lessons of Barack Obama’s Historic Victory (2010).


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