Predicting the Future of the Video Industry

Contrary to the common portrait of “gloom and doom” for television and video, former President of AOL Video and Studios Dermot McCormack argues that user experience and predictive data will provide a roadmap of innovation opportunity or “Video 3.0.” He sits down with GLG to discuss the three pillars of “Video 3.0,” what an integrated experience will look like, and how data will help shape it.

Dermot McCormack most recently served as Global President of AOL Video and Studios. In this role, he led BE On, AOL Studios, and AOL On, a curated experience of 14 channels programmed with relevant video content viewed more than 1 billion times per month. He also spearheaded the strategy of the NewFronts and OTT across AOL properties such as The Huffington Post. Prior to AOL, McCormack was the head of Viacom Music & Logo’s Connected Content Group, where he led digital brand properties initiatives for networks such as MTV and focusing on areas such as strategic storytelling and social media integrations. He formerly served as SVP of Interactive Product Management at Cablevision.

McCormack is currently the CEO and co-founder of SNKR/inc, a global sneaker media brand, as well as CEO of 2D Productions and Ventures. He has received numerous accolades for his achievements and leadership, including being named to The Hollywood Reporter’s Digital Power List.


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