The Case for the Cloud

The cloud has two main use cases: hosting and web-based on-demand services. While the cloud’s hosting capabilities are working towards making data centers a thing of the past, it’s cloud-based applications that may prove to be even more disruptive—according to cloud technology expert David Bukovsky. He believes companies that aren’t using the cloud to explore new distribution models are doing themselves a disservice.

Bukovsky further cautions against measuring the success or failure of cloud-based startups too quickly. Patience is key, he believes, as years of monthly subscription revenue will eventually outpace one-off software deals. “Cloud can be a democratizer.” Failure and missteps, Bukovsky feels, will only serve to benefit the industry at large—failing fast helps innovation.

David Bukovsky is a founding principal of Technology Product Advisors, LLC—a boutique advisor that assists software, cloud, and SaaS companies with their product, marketing, and sales efforts. Prior to that, he served as Senior Vice President, International Field Marketing, Inside Sales (LDRs), and Global Market Strategy at Genesys, the world’s #1 Customer Experience Platform. At Genesys, Bukovsky was instrumental in establishing and growing their cloud-based offerings.

Previously, Bukovsky served as Director of Product Marketing for Cisco, VP of Product at Broadsoft, as well as in various management roles at Verizon (then Bell Atlantic).


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