Blockchain and the Value of Trust

On the blockchain, you don’t have to trust an intermediary – your transactions are guaranteed through the laws of mathematics. “One plus one will always equal two, no matter which computer calculates it,” says Michael Perklin, Chief Information Security Officer at ShapeShift. This built-in, digitized trust is changing more than how we transfer money. When the deed to a house or shares in a company can be tokenized and exchanged on the blockhain, the need for traditional intermediaries disappears. Perklin offers predictions for how blockchain technology will upend many of the transactions of daily life.

About Michael Perklin

Michael Perklin is a well-known leader in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency space, specializing in security. He currently serves as Chief Information Security Officer at ShapeShift, a leading digital asset exchange where users can trade dozens of cryptocurrency tokens. Perklin is also the President of the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4), a nonprofit organization that creates and maintains standards for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


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