Making Sense of the Italian Gaming Industry

Filmed at GLG London

With nearly €9 billion paid in corporate taxes in 2015 alone, the Italian gaming industry has long been a key source of revenue for the country. Traditionally, the rate of taxable income for gaming companies has been closely tied to Italy’s boom and bust economy—that is, leaner times meant higher tax rates. The 2016 Stability Law worked to establish standards for taxation that are independent of the health of the economy. Former gaming industry executive Piero Orlando sits down with GLG in London to discuss the impact of this legislation, the overall state of gaming in Italy, and more.

Between 2013 and 2014, Piero Orlando served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Gamenet Entertainment Srl, where he grew the business and managed its gaming halls division throughout Italy. From 2010 to 2012, Orlando served on the board of parent company Gamenet SpA, where he was responsible for corporate strategy. Prior to that, he held various senior management positions at Sisal SpA including Business Unit Manager (2005 to 2008) of Sisal’s AWP (slot machine) and VLT (video lottery terminal) operations. He also served as CEO of SAB Betriebgesellschaft mbH, the German affiliate of Sisal. Orlando is currently an independent advisor on the Italian gaming industry.


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