Repurposing Water Used by the Oil and Gas Industry

Ten years ago, as hydraulic fracturing started to take off, Perry Roland began to recognize the impact it had on our nation’s water supply. Understanding that water is a precious natural resource led Rolland to shift the thinking of the oil and gas industry from disposing water as waste to recycling and repurposing it.

Perry Roland is the President, CEO, and Founder of ROLCO Energy Services, LLC, an oilfield services company focusing on frac water treatment and recycling solutions. ROLCO’s projects include building pump and tank systems to treat flowback/produced water from the frac process. Their services include mechanical filtration, oxidation, and electrocoagulation, as well as rental of water treatment and filtration equipment. Mr. Roland founded ROLCO in March 2009 and is based in Houston, Texas. Previously, he was a Vice President of Market Development for BakerCorp in Seal Beach, California. He held this role from March 1997 to August 2008. BakerCorp is an industry leader in temporary containment tanks, pump, filtration and shoring equipment rental solutions for the oil & gas, construction, and environmental industries.


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