The Housing Market

In light of a recent stock market rally, crude oil gains, and a tight labor market, mortgage industry executive Barry Habib is bullish on the housing market. While a proposed large-scale infrastructure project could drive mortgage rates up, and in turn, push some buyers away, Habib believes a steady flow of maturing millennials could contribute to a surge of spending. Habib also discusses the implications the new administration may have on yield, supply and demand, and housing prices.


“A wave of millenials to come into the housing market is just on the horizon.”


About Barry Habib

Barry Habib is the CEO of MBS Highway, a company and platform created to help interpret and forecast activity in the mortgage rate and bond markets. He is an entrepreneur and a mortgage and housing expert, frequently appearing on CNBC and FOX. His mortgage sales career included recognition for having the highest annual origination production in the U.S. on two different occasions; over the course of his career, he personally originated more than $2 billion in mortgage loan production. Previously, Habib helped found and grow Mortgage Market Guide, Certified Mortgage Associate, and Healthcare Imaging Solutions (HIS) whose core function is to detect early signs of cancer and heart disease. He is also the Lead Producer and Managing Partner for the Broadway musical, “Rock of Ages.”


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