How Big Data Can Improve Individual Care

The notion of healthcare as well care—as opposed to sick care—has become increasingly popular in this country. To combat high costs, health insurance companies now offer higher deductible plans with built-in health savings accounts, requiring payers to better educate themselves about services and treatments. Higher out-of-pocket expenses have encouraged patients not only to demand more transparency from caregivers, but also to focus on wellness and prevention like never before. According to former President of Allscripts Lee Shaprio, consumer involvement in healthcare decisions will lead to better, more efficient care for all patients. Shapiro sits down with GLG to discuss the intersection of technology and big data, the push towards personalized healthcare, and more.

Lee Shapiro is a Managing Partner at 7wire Ventures, an investment firm he co-founded over a decade ago. He is also the Chairman of Zest Health, which helps consumers navigate healthcare options, and the Chairman of Modern Teacher, a digital education company. He serves on the boards of Livongo Health, Medidata Solutions, Healthways, Aptus Health, Ayogo Health, and Carebox.

Shapiro is a member of Northwestern’s Kellogg Innovation Network Advisory Board, the University of Chicago’s Innovation Fund Advisory Committee, and the Qualcomm Life Advisory Council. In addition, Shapiro serves on the advisory boards for the Center of Digital Innovation in Health in Beer-Sheva, Israel, as well as the Gastro-Intestinal Research Foundation (GIRF), where he is also an officer and director. Recently, Shapiro was elected to the Board of Directors at the American Heart Association.

He earned a JD from The University of Chicago Law School and a BS in Accounting from The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.


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