Risk-taking and Reinvention: Keys to Success

Crisis management expert Mary Jo Jacobi shares how risk-taking and reinvention has been critical to a successful career in corporate rebranding. As a leading woman in crisis management, Jacobi urges all women to speak up and say, “I can do this, it needs to be done. Let me do it.”

Mary Jo Jacobi is a world-renowned expert in corporate public and international affairs and brand, reputation, issues, and crisis management. She has in-depth experience in the global energy and financial services industries, having led reputation management and public affairs for Royal Dutch Shell, BP America, Lehman Brothers, HSBC Holdings and Drexel Burnham Lambert. Most recently she served as Executive Vice President of BP America in the aftermath of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Jacobi has the rare distinction of having been appointed to office by two U.S. Presidents, HM Queen Elizabeth II, and British Prime Minister David Cameron. She is a member of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Wilton Park Advisory Council and served three terms as a US-UK Fulbright Commissioner. Jacobi is currently a member of the U.K.’s Advisory Committee on Business Appointments and the faculty of GLG Institute.