How to Stand Out in the Beauty Industry

Filmed at GLG London

Between big, legacy brands and buzzworthy startups, the beauty industry has never been more competitive. With the five largest cosmetics companies accounting for half of the total market, smaller companies face an uphill battle. While a strong brand image is important, according to former L’Oréal executive Laurent Rioublanc, it’s not enough; brands must form an emotional connection with consumers. Innovation also continues to be critical to success—an area where the smaller players may have an edge over larger, more risk-averse companies. Rioublanc sits down with GLG in London to discuss the beauty industry, disruptive innovation, risk-taking, and more.

Laurent Rioublanc is currently the CEO of RBMG—a French personal care wholesale company. He has extensive experience as an executive and manager in the international beauty and cosmetics industry. Before RBMG, Rioublanc was the Managing Director of By Terry, a global luxury beauty brand specializing in color cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances. Rioublanc also served as Managing Director of Europe for L’Oréal Paris, after spending 15 years with the L’Oréal Group. Rioublac’s long career in the beauty and cosmetics industry includes running business units in Europe, the Middle East, Turkey, Norway, and the UK. He has always had a customer-centric approach, believing, above all, in the power of brands and the consumer shopping experience. Before working at L’Oréal, Rioublanc began his career in marketing at the Danone group.