Former New York Times Executive Director Jill Abramson Visits GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group)


December 10, 2015

Longtime journalist Jill Abramson visited GLG to speak with a small group of clients about the future of the news industry and to share her perspective on leadership and mentorship for professional women.

Abramson spent 17 years as a leader at the New York Times, as Executive Editor, Managing Editor, and Washington Bureau Chief. She previously worked at The Wall Street Journal, as the Deputy Washington Bureau Chief and an investigative reporter. She is now a visiting lecturer in Harvard’s English Department and previously taught at Princeton and Yale.

Photo: Jill Abramson, The New York Times

Photo: Richard Socarides, left, Head of Public Affairs at GLG and Jill Abramson

Photo: Meredith Taylor, left, Americas Head of Consumer Goods & Services at GLG and Jill Abramson

Photo: Sharon Alford, left, Vice President of Hedge Funds at GLG and Jill Abramson