Supporting Breakthrough Innovation with an Asian Industrial Conglomerate

Pushing the boundaries of carbon nanotubes (CNT) applications in electrically conductive materials.


Our client’s product planning team had been striving to increase the production capacity of carbon nanotubes (CNT) and was considering new applications and customers in the field of electrically conductive materials globally.

The GLG Solution

Due to the highly technical nature of the project scope, GLG staffed a team of two industry practitioners from its network with strong backgrounds in organic chemistry and extensive experience in polymer synthesis to help conduct the research.

Together they consulted with 11 GLG Network Members through primary interviews to highlight global developments and inventions driven by new CNT technology. The senior client stakeholders also had the opportunity to regularly interact with the GLG project team.


GLG Research delivered a 75-page report mapping out the entire electrically conductive materials landscape, such as coatings/paints, inks/pastes, adhesives, and sealants, all of which can contain CNTs in the future.

Why GLG?

With GLG’s unique blend of subject-matter expertise and primary research, the client achieved a structured analysis of a dynamic and evolving market for future business expansion and diversification.

Evaluating an Extremely Complex Market

With the help of Network Member insight, GLG characterized a multifaceted market as a single uniform entity despite hundreds of different companies making thousands of diverse products globally.

Providing Relevant, Actionable Insights

The GLG team helped pinpoint groundbreaking innovations for the conglomerate to encourage new R&D initiatives in the CNT-based electrically conductive materials market.

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