Independent Evaluation Confirms Success of GLG Social Impact Fellowship Program


October 10, 2017

New York; October 10, 2017 — GLG’s, Social Impact Fellowship has successfully “advance[d] the footprints of mission-driven, social impact-focused organizations around the globe,” according to an outside evaluation released today, conducted by Social Strategy Associates LLC (SSA), an independent social impact consultancy based in New York City.

GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc.), the world’s leading membership for professional learning, through its Social Impact Fellowship, provides select social entrepreneurs with free, unlimited access to GLG’s learning resources, including access to its 500,000 experts and Network Members. SSA’s evaluation is informed by their own external review and analysis, as well as interviews with Fellows.

Highlights from the 2017 evaluation include:

  • “Now in its third year, the value of the Fellowship has proven, through the insights provided by Fellows, to be comprehensive and far-reaching.” In fact, one Fellow told the evaluators, “The service that GLG provides is harder to find than money.”
  • “The Fellowship’s value-add extends beyond the connections facilitated by GLG between Fellows’ organizations and Network Members to include the opportunities provided for continuous learning, professional development, and guidance.”
  • “Most Fellows have previously participated in other social impact-focused fellowships and say that the GLG Social Impact Fellowship is unique and valuable because of the access it provides to its network of experts.”
  • “Fellows overwhelmingly recommended the Fellowship to other social entrepreneurs.”
  • GLG Network Members “constitute a remarkably diverse group of 500,000 individuals,” and found widespread agreement among Fellows that “access to Network Members is the greatest value” of the Fellowship.

“We are grateful that so many of our Fellows participated in the evaluation, and pleased at the report’s finding that we’ve been able to deliver a valuable overall experience to them,” said Jennifer Field, Director of GLG Social Impact. “We’re also excited to follow up on some of the constructive suggestions in the report – our goal is to continue improving the Fellowship in any way we can.”

GLG’s Social Impact Fellowship is highly competitive and has just completed the selection process for its fourth class of Fellows, receiving more than 500 applications for just six spots this year. The new class is set to be announced in mid-October.

The full report is available at

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GLG Social Impact is an initiative of GLG, the world’s largest membership for one-on-one professional learning, to advance learning and decision-making at distinguished nonprofit organizations and social enterprises. The GLG Social Impact Fellowship is its flagship program, providing learning resources to a select group of nonprofits and social enterprise leaders for two years, at no cost. Other Social Impact clients include: leading foundations, impact funds, consultancies, nonprofits, and social enterprises.

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