GLG Releases New Videos from Senior Executives at Boston Biomedical and QVARTZ


February 14, 2017

Need for Specialized Knowledge, Life Long Learning is Cited

New York, New York; February 14, 2017 — GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc.) today added two new entries to its Leading Learners video series, which features top professionals (all GLG clients) sharing how they learn in complex and competitive environments. The leaders appearing in the new videos, Pat Andrews, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Boston Biomedical, and Sune Kok, Head of Business Intelligence at QVARTZ, are rethinking how they and their companies learn. In the videos, they share stories and insights for maximizing on-demand and interactive learning.

“The need for specialized knowledge is bigger than ever before,” said Sune Kok of QVARTZ. “GLG Network Members can bring us closer to being experts and can fill the knowledge gaps we may have.” QVARTZ, a top-tier management consulting firm based in Scandinavia, delivers on-demand solutions and insights for clients across a wide range of industries. By working with GLG Members, QVARTZ has access to topical expertise from all over the world, helping them deliver better and more timely results for their clients.

“Businesses are most successful when they’re in a learning environment,” said Pat Andrews of Boston Biomedical. “It’s very valuable to hear how someone else – maybe someone outside of your industry – thinks about something.” Boston Biomedical is an R&D-stage biopharmaceutical company working to develop the next generation of targeted cancer therapies. They connect with GLG Members to gather insights for their most pressing learning needs.

“At GLG, we are committed to fostering an innovative and efficient learning experience for our clients,” said Richard Socarides, GLG Head of Public Affairs. “These new videos explore how the smartest professionals practice on-demand learning and, in doing so, make better business decisions. We’re excited to expand the series to include insights from these two additional leading professionals.”

Other Leading Learners videos from GLG Studios include executives from General ElectricCalty Design/ToyotaCiscoElsevier, and Valspar, among others.

GLG was founded to serve professionals who needed perspective they couldn’t find in one-size-fits-all industry reports, courses, or conferences. Today GLG facilitates thousands of connections a week between the world’s leading investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, consulting firms, nonprofits, and startups and its membership of 500,000 policy specialists, academics, engineers, former C-level managers, professional leaders, and other subject matter experts.

GLG has also created two other video series, Expertise at GLG, featuring GLG Members sharing what they know and how they learn, and GLG Applied, a selection of GLG Members and other experts sharing their unique insight on the most timely business topics. All videos are free to watch on GLG’s website at

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