GLG Headquarters Included in Tour of New York’s Most Architecturally Distinctive Sites


October 10, 2014

New York, New York; October 10, 2014 — GLG will welcome architecture and urban design fans and curious New Yorkers to its innovative new global headquarters on Saturday, October 11 as part of the 12th Annual Open House New York Weekend. GLG’s Clive Wilkinson-designed office opened this summer and is the first of its scale in the United States to embrace activity-based working, an innovative concept that eschews assigned personal workspaces for a more flexible and collaborative approach to work life.

GLG is among 300 sites across the five boroughs opening their doors for an unparalleled view of New York’s architectural and urban design landscape. Clive Wilkinson, the award-winning Los Angeles-based architect also responsible for Google’s Googleplex headquarters and the Barbarian Group’s “Superdesk”, will be on-site at GLG to lead an in-depth tour and conversation.

“GLG’s new headquarters represents the office of the future. The dynamic space creates a wealth of new opportunities in terms of where and how you can work. Employees might be giving up their personal desks, but they gain the entire office,” said Wilkinson, the president and design director of Clive Wilkinson Architects. “By 2030 pretty much everyone will be working this way, so why not go there now?”

GLG’s new headquarters encompasses more than 64,000 square feet over two floors of W&H Properties’ historic One Grand Central Place (formerly the Lincoln Building), located at 60 E. 42nd Street, at the bottom of Vanderbilt Avenue, across from Grand Central Terminal. The office is the first major project completed in the new Vanderbilt Avenue corridor, part of the Midtown East area which has recently seen an increase in development projects, and received intense focus from both the Bloomberg and de Blasio administrations.

The office has earned recognition in Bloomberg Businessweek, the Wall Street Journal, and Inc, among other publications.

GLG was founded in 1998 to serve professionals who needed perspective that couldn’t be found in one-size-fits-all industry reports. It began connecting its clients with smart people who had firsthand expertise or operational experience. Today GLG serves the world’s leading investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, consulting firms, nonprofits, and startups. Its teaching members include 400,000 policy specialists, academics, engineers, former C-level managers, and professional leaders.

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