Analysis on Aerospace Company

Navigating a new market landscape in 10 days.


Today, airplanes that used to be in service for 35 years are now, on average, retired and returned after 12 years. Because of this shift, a GLG client needed to perform company research on their potential return and receive an overall valuation of the brand legacy before investing in an airline fleet. The client had a tight deadline of 10 days.

The GLG Solution

GLG assembled a team of seasoned executives, including a former director of integrated strategy at Boeing, a former president and CEO at Wesco Aircraft Holdings, and a former CEO at AerCap Engine Leasing. Over the course of a week, the team facilitated 12 in-depth calls with executives and conducted a custom survey to gain insights about markets and consumers. An executive partner at a consumer insights consultancy was commissioned to extract the insights gained from the survey results.


GLG offered a combination of research methodologies to help the client understand the airline industry from many perspectives. Along with an industry valuation, these insights helped our client confidently make their investment decision.

Why GLG?

GLG’s client received timely quantitative and qualitative insights needed to evaluate an investment opportunity, giving them clarity to make the best decision before their deadline.

Project Breadth

  • 12 calls with executives across core and adjacent markets
  • Curated survey with 50 respondents to gain proprietary insights about markets and consumers
  • One-on-one consultation with an executive partner at a consumer insights consultancy

Duration of Project

GLG gave investors the insights needed to thoroughly conduct due diligence within their 10 day deadline.

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