Impact Investing and ESG

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Capital markets can power and scale social progress. That’s why GLG works with clients across investment strategies to maximize financial and social returns. We help quantify the long-term value that investments can create for a range of stakeholders – including customers, employees, and communities.


GLG facilitates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) diligence and initiatives by providing access to leading social and climate scientists, human rights lawyers, racial justice advocates, sustainable supply chain managers, and many other related experts.

How We Can Help

As private equity investors experience comparable and often greater financial returns through impact investments, we support clients across the impact investing lifecycle, including thesis development, origination, diligence, impact measurement, and value creation. We help clients identify opportunities to innovate in all areas – from raw materials, to supply chain management, to leadership and board diversity – enabling them to invest at scale for financial and social returns.


Sample engagements include:

Origination-phase research on aquaculture in sub-Saharan Africa, including market dynamics, investment structures, and future outlook.
Due diligence research with experts in food safety and water and soil quality in China.
Guided tour of drip irrigation technology facility in India as part of due diligence.

We support the in-depth ESG research, analysis, and advocacy efforts of investment managers to advance positive social and environmental change. Our experts provide insight into ESG strategy development, alignment, and integration, as well as how to use ESG as a performance benchmark and risk management tool.


Sample engagements include:

Exploring renewable energy and energy efficiency to inform divestment from fossil fuels.
Talking to experts on plastic manufacturing supply chains as the market pushes towards compostables and recyclables.
Learning how to integrate ESG into risk assessment processes.
Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of ESG investment frameworks and the ultimate effectiveness of ESG criteria.

GLG Consultations connect you with an expert for a call or an in-person meeting, so you can gain powerful insights to act with confidence.


GLG Surveys create panels from the world’s largest and most varied source of first-hand expertise, helping you field-test strategies and gain insight into broad trends or highly targeted sample populations.

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GLG Events curate engagements that respond to dynamic global issues, with roundtables and teleconferences to custom workshops and focus groups.


GLG Projects engage our experts for longer-term and more in-depth engagements. For each engagement, we staff one or more top-tier consultants and subject-matter experts with experience across industries and disciplines.


GLG Placements bring C-suite professionals to you, from short-term speaking engagements and learning and development programs to interim and long-term placements.

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