GLG Social Impact Partners Program

The Partners Program empowers our employees, and others in our community, to donate the GLG network and access to our experts to the causes they care most about. Employees nominate organizations, staff projects, and deliver impact, with GLG covering all the costs.

Interested nonprofits can apply to join a pool of eligible organizations.
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Examples of Our Recent Impact

Sostento saves lives by supporting organizations on the frontlines of public health emergencies. The organization was formed to support charitable health clinics throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with their Coronavirus Support Network – a volunteer platform and phone-based triage system – and by sharing their library of best practices, callback scripts, and FAQs for triage. To help Sostento earn the trust of potential clinic partners, GLG connected them with the former VP at one of the world’s largest telecom companies, who provided insights into raising visibility and utilizing partnerships to increase the volume of callers to their helpline. GLG’s support helped Sostento rapidly expand their impact to dozens of charitable clinics in just a few months.


The GrowHaus operates a revenue-generating food box delivery program which supports their community distribution of low-price fresh and healthy food in Denver, Colorado. When COVID-19 led to exponential growth for their food box program, The GrowHaus reached out to GLG to enhance their operations and more effectively handle the increased demand for their services. Along with helping The GrowHaus refine their financial models, GLG experts from three different food rescue and delivery services shared insights that enabled the organization to implement an improved assembly line structure, new inventory tracking, key adjustments to their product offerings and delivery schedule, and more.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success is a global nonprofit that provides women with the tools and resources necessary to advance their professional careers and personal journeys. Through their partnership with GLG, Dress for Success spoke with a former HR executive at one of the world’s largest tech companies, a partner at a creative advertising agency, and other experts. These conversations provided Dress for Success with insights into cloud-based software migration and video advertising, helping them hone their job search services to provide clients with more sustainable career opportunities.

Healing Venezuela

Healing Venezuela delivers medical assistance to the people of Venezuela by providing supplies and equipment to health-related institutions, supporting mental health improvement efforts, and facilitating the training of doctors and nurses. The organization utilized GLG’s Partners Program to speak with four experts – including the VP of business planning at a premier global humanitarian aid organization, and a fundraising and business development consultant. Insights from GLG experts equipped Healing Venezuela to make tactical and strategic changes to optimize fundraising, deepen volunteer engagement, and increase the overall impact of their on-the-ground operations.

Social Impact Fellow Tatiana Garcia-Granados,
Co-Founder & COO of The Common Market, speaks to GLGers
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