Understanding the Landscape for Retail Shipping and Logistics

Connecting to Decision Makers in a Virtual Focus Group


Working on behalf of a leading shipping firm, the client’s innovation team came to GLG to speak with decision makers for retail shipping and logistics. The team was hoping to better understand the landscape for shipping and logistics at retailers and hear about current trends, pain points, and potential opportunities.

The GLG Approach

GLG sourced 11 experts – including two custom recruits – to participate in two in-person and virtual in-depth interview sessions. The team then asked GLG to reengage six participants in a virtual focus group to validate the solutions they’d put in place after the interview sessions.


The client used the insights gleaned from those initial interviews to understand trends in the general retail shipping space. After establishing that understanding, they used a virtual focus group with select experts to identify pain points in the industry that could be potential opportunities for expansion for their client.

Why GLG?

GLG connected a client with decision makers in retail shipping and logistics through in-depth interviews and a virtual focus group to find opportunities in the space.

In-Depth Interviews

Eleven experts engaged in two-hour in-person and virtual in-depth interview sessions.

Custom Recruiting

Two experts were custom recruited to participate in the in-depth interviews.

Project Breadth

11 in-depth interviews
2 custom recruits
1 virtual focus group of six experts

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