Understanding Usage of Alternate Certification Providers for Teaching Qualifications in the U.S.

End-to-End Execution of Two Surveys in One Week


An Australian management consulting company came to GLG Research to better understand prospective teachers in the U.S. They wanted insight into how they used alternate certification providers (ACP) for teaching qualifications. They also wanted to understand the general population’s interest in becoming a teacher.

The GLG Solution

To gain insight into these topics, GLG created two discrete surveys. For the first topic, GLG crafted a 20-minute online survey targeting current and prospective teachers in North Carolina, Florida, and Texas. For the second topic, GLG created a shorter survey that collected responses from across the U.S.


From drafting the questionnaires to collating findings, the surveys took one week to complete, delivering the minimum sample sizes of 3,000 respondents for each survey in a matter of days with quality data that provided the insight needed by the client — who gave GLG positive feedback.

Why GLG?

GLG executed two surveys for an Australian management consulting firm to gain insights into the views of current and prospective teachers toward ACP, and general interest in becoming a teacher in the U.S.

Timely Delivery of Quality Data

Even though the surveys were complex, GLG Research managed the end-to-end process smoothly and delivered quality data within a tight time frame.

Targeted Population

The team delivered the requested sample size, a minimum of 3,000 respondents, while ensuring that those surveyed were appropriate to reach the client’s research goals.

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