Gaining Insights on Student Housing Connectivity

Connecting to IT Decision-Makers through an Online Discussion Board


An agency wanted to connect with IT decision-makers for on- and off-campus student housing at universities. Specifically, the team wanted to better understand what matters to decision-makers when evaluating telecom providers and uncover any unmet needs within this space to inform a messaging framework and strategy for their telecommunications client.

The GLG Approach

The client wanted to reach a group of decision-makers and receive the candid answers that come from the blinded setting of an online discussion board.

GLG sourced a skilled online discussion board moderator to facilitate the board, as well as the participants in the discussion. The respondents thoughtfully reacted to the client’s content, messaging ideas, and questions over a three-day discussion.


The client used the online discussion to gather feedback from 18 IT decision-makers on posted content and responses to questions posed by the moderator. These insights helped the client refine the strategy and framework of its client’s proposed messaging.

Why GLG?

GLG ran an online discussion board on behalf of an agency client to gather input from IT decision-makers of student housing programs on digital connectivity.

Full-Service Support

GLG helped develop content and sourced both an experienced moderator to facilitate and a panel of respondents

Project Breadth

1 online discussion board with 18 respondents

Client Feedback

“It’s my first experience with an online board, and I loved the detail that we’re able to capture and reflect back on. I felt that the participants were spot-on in our target audience and had some great insight/intel to share. I think we absolutely learned what we set out to.”

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