Dealer and Buyer Research: Quantitative Research for the E-Bike Industry

Gaining insight into e-bike market trends, competitive landscape, and investment prospects


A private equity client wanted to understand the competitive landscape and performance of target companies in the U.S. electric bicycle (e-bike) industry to help them make better investment decisions.

The GLG Solution

The GLG team designed a questionnaire based on the client’s objectives and conducted a quantitative study of e-bike dealers and buyers. For dealers and sales channels, GLG screened a sample of 50 target brands in the U.S. to analyze market trends, sales and price trends, and brand competition for selling new brands. For buyers, we focused on eight brands and screened a sample of 800 e-bike buyers to gather insights on consumers’ perception of e-bikes and attributes, buyer behavior, and purchase path, as well as feedback on different brands.


Within the client’s limited time and budget, the GLG team delivered raw data, frequency tables, and visualizations of dealer and consumer research to help the client better understand the current state of the industry, gain insight into future trends, and make better decisions.

Why GLG?

GLG’s Surveys Team identified an audience of e-bike buyers and sellers and conducted a survey to help its client better understand the market environment and industry trends prior to pivotal investment decisions.

Rigorous Research Methods

According to customer needs, specially designed questionnaires covered various subjects specific to e-bike buyers and sellers.

Flexible and Efficient Service

We focus on key issues, quickly execute quantitative research projects, compile large amounts of data, and deliver comprehensive research results within a limited time and budget.

Let us start helping you today

As the World’s Insight Network, GLG connects clients to the subject-matter experts who can provide real-world insights to make informed decisions. Our team of professionals works with you to create a tailored approach that identifies, assesses, and answers your questions on your timeline. We bring the power of insight to every great professional decision.

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