Analyzing Best Practices for a Leading South Korean Conglomerate

Understanding in-house market insights/business intelligence (BI) function of B2B players


Our client, a leading organization in their industry, encountered significant difficulties in effectively supporting their internal Business Intelligence (BI) and Product Strategy teams. The main issues stemmed from a lack of alignment and a siloed working mentality within the organization. In response to these challenges, the objective of this research study was to identify opportunities for enhancing internal processes and optimizing the utilization of BI functions to drive future corporate development.

The GLG Approach

GLG connected the client with an experienced, former top-tier strategy consultant to lead the study. Over the course of three weeks, the expert conducted primary in-depth interviews with six other experts provided by GLG, such as former executives of B2B conglomerates with understanding of BI/market research function, as well as independent experts.


The final report was a 30-page detailed analysis of the typical framework of how the market insights/BI function operates (e.g., organization structure, roles & responsibilities, workflow with relevant internal teams etc.).

Why GLG?

GLG provided the subject-matter expertise of its Network Members (as interviewee candidates) consolidated into an executive-level report that enabled informed decision making for the client team.

Targeted Insights from Subject-Matter Experts and Precisely Matched Experts

The Korean client recognized the technical knowledge and best-practices analysis from the GLG Network Members, which was absent in their traditional management consultancies.

Quick Turnaround Time

Using primary research data from the expert interviews, GLG acted swiftly in a time-sensitive engagement of three weeks without compromising the output quality.

Let us start helping you today

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