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GLG CEO Alexander Saint-Amand Speaks at The World Post Future of Work Conference in London


March 10, 2015

GLG’s CEO Alexander Saint-Amand attended The World Post Future of Work Conference in London last week, speaking on a panel called “Values at Work: Analysing the Growing Impact of Individual Values on Business.”

Saint-Amand spoke alongside Jennifer Dulski, president and COO of, Jamie Gutfreund, CMO of Deep Focus, and Jaewoong Lee, founder and senior partner of Sopoong Ventures. Panelists discussed the importance of a workplace environment that encourages professional development. Saint-Amand said that attracting and retaining talent whose values align with those of your company should be a crucial consideration for any successful business. The session was hosted by the BBC’s Emily Maitlis.

GLG’s Head of Public Affairs Richard Socarides and Head of International Markets David Legg also attended the conference.

The WorldPost Future Series, consisting of five annual international conferences, will explore the opportunities and challenges that society faces in the future, and is a partnership between Arianna Huffington and Nicolas Berggruen that brings together the power of the award winning Huffington Post with the unparalleled perspective of the Berggruen Institute and its contributory members.