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GLG Celebrates 2017 Social Impact Fellows in Austin


October 19, 2017

On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, GLG kicked off its annual Social Impact Convening with a tour of TreeHouse, a sustainable home improvement store in Austin, TX, led by company CEO and Founder Jason Ballard (a 2015 GLG Social Impact Fellow). The event brought together Fellows from GLG’s 2016 Social Impact class as well as our six recently announced 2017 Fellows. Following the tour, attendees participated in a Q&A hosted by Ballard, GLG Social Impact Director Jen Field, former CEO and President of FedEx Kinko’s and TreeHouse Board Member Gary Kusin, and GLG CEO Alexander Saint-Amand.

That evening, employees from GLG Austin joined the Fellows at Trinity Hall for a reception to celebrate the new class and hear from a few of last year’s Fellows. “What’s unique about our Social Impact program is that it takes our core competencies—what we do every day for our clients—and puts them to use solving urgent social problems,” Alexander remarked. Learn more about our Social Impact program here.

Photo: 2016 and 2017 GLG Social Impact Fellows; (L-R) Jukay Hsu, Minhaj Chowdhury, Mehdi Jamei, Krista Donaldson, Jake Wood, Misan Rewane, Josh MacAlister, Matilda Ho, Steph Speirs, Kiah Williams, Anushka Ratnayake, and Barbara Bush

Photo: (L-R) Jen Field, Gary Kusin, Alexander Saint-Amand, and Jason Ballard

Photo: (L-R) Gary Kusin, Alexander Saint-Amand, and Jason Ballard

Photo: (L-R) Kiah Williams, Misan Rewane, and Josh MacAlister

Photo: (L-R) Minhaj Chowdhury, Steph Speirs, Jen Field, Gary Kusin, Alexander Saint-Amand, Jason Ballard, and Mehdi Jamei

Photo: 2017 GLG Social Impact Fellows (Jukay Hsu not pictured); (L-R) Kiah Williams, Matilda Ho, Anushka Ratnayake, Steph Speirs, Josh MacAlister

Photo: Jen Field and Alexander Saint-Amand take the stage at the 2017 GLG Social Impact Fellows Celebration

Photo: Jen Field

Photo: GLG Social Impact Fellowship Manager Rachel Wald

Photo: GLG Senior Associate Ashley Pikula and Co-Founder and CEO of WAVE Misan Rewane

Photo: (L-R) Global Health Corps Co-Founder and CEO Barbara Bush, Jen Field, and D-Rev CEO Krista Donaldson

Photo: GLG Business Development Manager Carl Rainer and Team Rubicon Co-Founder and CEO Jake Wood