Partnering with an Expert to Create Thought Leadership Content

Using an Expert to Research and Publish a Branded Whitepaper


A consulting firm’s clients expressed interest in trends and developments in AI. To fill this need, the firm wanted to conduct a study and publish the results as a whitepaper but did not have the bandwidth to create this content in-house.

The GLG Approach

GLG sourced a former consultant with experience driving AI efforts at a top-tier technology company. This expert had previously coauthored AI thought leadership content, making the individual a good fit to lead the effort.

The expert partnered with the consulting firm’s team to build the strategies to support their research, including designing an interview guide and survey questionnaire.


By partnering with GLG, the consulting team conducted five expert calls and ran a survey of 250 professionals in the space. The expert used this resulting research to write a branded whitepaper, which the client published.

Why GLG?

A client team partnered with an expert to create a whitepaper on AI. The expert designed the framework for the client to conduct supporting research and provided them with a manuscript to publish.

Project Breadth:

One project partnering with an expert.
Five consultations with AI experts.
One survey of 250 professionals.

Free Up Bandwidth:

The client team lacked the bandwidth to conduct research and create content in-house, so they partnered with a GLG expert to lighten the load.

Extension of the Team:

The expert designed the interview guide and survey questionnaire to support the client team’s research and collaborated with them on their whitepaper.

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