Website Experience Evaluation through UX Research

Systematic Survey to Gauge Customer Reception of Revamped Website


A fast-growing Singaporean technology company that provides digital solutions would like to measure the effectiveness of its branding and the user experience on its website and how that experience compares with its competitors’ offerings.

The analysis would also serve as a baseline for long-term tracking. The client required a one-stop solution that encompassed survey solutions from questionnaire design to final report deliverables. This analysis should also be able to generate new ideas and address the niche consumer packaged group (CPG) population in selected geographies.

The GLG Approach

After spending six weeks with the client to understand its requirements and concerns, the GLG team devised a research hypothesis and proposed A/B testing to evaluate the website.

GLG gathered feedback from 240 experts from six countries, consisting of 50% CPG and 50% retailers, to present a well-rounded quantitative view of the actual user experience.


Collating the responses from 240 experts, GLG presented the key findings in a presentation and Q-and-A session. The findings and analysis allowed the client to draw a meaningful comparison with existing data to improve its website design.

Why GLG?

GLG Surveys provided a one-stop solution for the client’s user experience research project, from questionnaire design to final report, delivering actionable insights for its website.

One-Stop Solution

GLG offers ideas and solutions that address the client’s research objectives, including the capability to recruit the target population, deliver questionnaire design and execution, and turn survey data into actionable insights.

Relevant Experience and Design Capabilities

GLG’s track record of UX research gives clients the confidence that the team can achieve the desired result, with the design capabilities to transform a hypothesis into an actionable questionnaire.

Breadth of Expertise and Unique Reach

GLG draws on Network Members as survey candidates to guarantee the quality and validity of survey data.

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