Stress Testing an Equity Investment Thesis on the Growth Strategy of a Global C2C Marketplace

Tapping a Global Expert to Lead Unbiased Research into Online Marketplace Expansion Strategy


An Asia-based investment management firm sought to challenge assumptions underpinning the market projections and expansion strategy announced by the operator of a global C2C marketplace. The client wanted to gain an independent industry-led assessment of how this online marketplace player stacked up against the competition, and its potential expansion into new markets. In particular, it wanted to connect with senior executives at top marketplace companies in North America to understand key growth drivers and their competitive advantages and disadvantages.

The GLG Approach

The client partnered with GLG for a six-week research project to design and conduct in-depth interviews with executives across the online marketplace industry, including ten custom-recruited GLG experts, complemented with extensive research to corroborate project findings and analyze various industry metrics.

To lead the engagement, GLG appointed a former senior executive of a leading online marketplace provider with strong experience in defining and executing e-commerce business and monetization strategies in North America and Europe.


The GLG team delivered a comprehensive report with unbiased findings and scenario analysis, highlighting competitive insights, opportunities, investment requirements, and relevant operational metrics. The findings validated the client’s long-term hypothesis and offered valuable insights about its growth strategy.

Why GLG?

GLG provided deep-dive research and project management support by leading the engagement with custom-recruited experts in the online marketplace space, complete with a synthesized report.

Project Depth and Breadth

GLG crafted the project engagement and research methodology. In addition to custom interviews, the team also conducted extensive desktop research, culminating in a final report within six weeks.

Qualitative Insights and Scenario Analysis

GLG complemented the interviews with extensive research to corroborate project findings, analyze industry metrics, and deliver qualitative insights.

Guaranteed Objectivity

The GLG expert, as the project lead, acted as an extension of the client’s team to speed up project workflows while avoiding any internal bias.

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