Analysis on the Glass Industry

Navigating Shifting Market Dynamics


In recent years, price fluctuation in raw materials and an overall push in sustainability has caused a massive shift in the packaging industry. As a result, a private credit firm needed to get up to speed on comparable types of packaging and overall demand before investing in a glass packaging company.

The GLG Approach

The GLG Surveys team designed and executed a survey to capture past and current usage, obtain a competitive landscape analysis, and conduct a channel check to provide demand data from vendors and suppliers.

Initial findings factored into a multifaceted research project. The project included a teleconference on the performance outlook of Anchor Glass, phone consultations with a global director of packaging at a large packaging competitor and a former consultant with a 32-year career at Owens-Illinois.


GLG’s combination of research methodologies helped the client understand the glass packaging industry from many perspectives. The insights gained helped our client confidently make their investment decision.

Why GLG?

GLG delivered insights needed to evaluate a loan, giving a private credit firm clarity to make the best decision in a rapidly changing industry environment.

Drafting Support

GLG’s Surveys team carefully crafted a survey to answer client key learning objectives using survey best practices.

Project Breadth

  • Custom survey with 50 experts in the glass packaging industry
  • Teleconference on performance outlook on Anchor Glass
  • Series of phone consultations with leading manufacturers of packaging products and container glass products

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