DECIDING FACTORS takes a close look at decision-making, what influences it, and how to learn and apply insight to make an informed choice. Our guests are experts in their fields. Our host, Eric Jaffe, uncovers how they navigated their own paths, what they learned from their journey, and how you can apply these lessons in your own life and career.

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11月 16, 2021

Dr. Oxiris Barbot: How Can We Prepare Our Cities to Tackle Pandemics?

It’s been more than a year and a half since the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe, and while some a […]

10月 29, 2021

John Podesta: Reflecting on the Art of Leadership in a Divided Washington

You don’t have to look far these days to see that many Americans are skeptical of our political leaders, and e […]

9月 16, 2021

Maurice Obstfeld: Inflation, COVID-19, and the Economy

In May of this year, the Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index, a top gauge of inflation, showed that April […]

7月 15, 2021

Susan Ennis: From the Front Line of the Streaming Wars

The streaming world has grown complex. In simpler times, there was Netflix and Hulu, along with a handful of n […]

6月 10, 2021

Dr. Ruth DeFries: Climate Change — Anxiety and Optimism

The fact that the climate is changing is an incontrovertible fact. If we do nothing – or fall short of what is […]

5月 17, 2021

Ashley Allison: Everyone Needs a Seat at the Table

There are many voices in the United States that government has struggled to hear, thus failing to consider eve […]

4月 29, 2021

Ajit Pai: Closing the Digital Divide in Telco

Virtually everything we do in our lives today relies on technology. Yet, between five and six million American […]

2月 23, 2021

Matthew Perault: The Law Behind Free Speech and Censorship on Social Media

On January 8, 2021, two days after rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, Twitter permanently suspended President D […]

1月 4, 2021

Dr. Michael Osterholm: Conflicting Signals – Outlook for Combating COVID-19 in 2021

In this episode of Deciding Factors, we talked with Dr. Michael Osterholm, Regents Professor, McKnight Endowed […]

12月 17, 2020

Rear Adm. John Polowczyk: COVID-19 Medical Supply Chain – A Historic Challenge

In this episode of Deciding Factors, Admiral John Polowczyk discusses how, after he was asked to lead the Whit […]

11月 5, 2020

Jeff Kindler: Difficult but Essential – COVID-19 and a Vaccine

More than six months into the pandemic, COVID-19 is still not under control in the United States. With cases c […]

10月 3, 2020

Dr. Stephen Ostroff: COVID-19 After Six Months

In this episode, Dr. Stephen Ostroff, former Acting Pennsylvania Physician General and as Deputy Director of t […]

9月 25, 2020

Ambassador Dennis Ross: Why the Middle East Matters

A significant change in the fundamental dynamics that shape the Middle East may have recently taken place, mar […]

8月 5, 2020

Dr. Leana Wen: Reopening Schools Safely

While other countries have managed to contain COVID-19 and have now cautiously reopened their schools, the Uni […]

6月 30, 2020

Dr. Michael P. Jeffries: A Global Awakening

Across the U.S. and the world, people have hit the streets to demonstrate for an end to systemic racism and po […]

5月 22, 2020

Dr. Betsey Stevenson: Job Loss vs. Job Destruction

In this episode, Dr. Betsey Stevenson, former Chief Economist of the U.S. Department of Labor, discusses how C […]

5月 17, 2020

Ben Baldanza: Airlines and the New Normal

In this episode, Ben Baldanza, the former CEO of Spirit Airlines, talks about the state of the airline industr […]

5月 6, 2020

Ron Klain: Reopening Safely

In this episode, Ron Klain, the former United States Ebola response coordinator under President Obama, discuss […]

4月 29, 2020

Dr. David Shulkin, MD: COVID-19 and the Status of Hospitals

Are hospitals prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic? In this podcast, Dr. David Shulkin talks about hospital staf […]

4月 22, 2020

Dr. Mark Dybul, MD: The World’s Health is Our Health

In this episode, Dr. Mark Dybul, MD, former Global AIDS Coordinator, discusses the importance of regarding the […]

4月 22, 2020

Dr. Sarah Bloom Raskin: The CARES Act and Federal Stimulus

COVID-19 is a public health crisis that has unleashed an economic crisis both in the U.S. and abroad. In this […]

4月 15, 2020

Neel Doshi: Motivation in the Time of COVID-19

In this uncertain time, it’s increasingly difficult to motivate ourselves, let alone our teams. In this episod […]

4月 15, 2020

Eric Jaffe: Introducing Deciding Factors

We make decisions every day. Often, there can be a lot riding on the choices you make: the future of your busi […]

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