Real-Time COVID-19 Consumer Impact

Delivering Timely Insights During Unprecedented Times


The social distancing orders put in place during COVID-19 have had a significant impact on consumer behavior and the worldwide economy. As the pandemic reshaped the world overnight, a GLG client needed real-time insight into unemployment statistics, consumer spending habits, and consumer sentiment to understand the immediate implications for the Consumer Good and Services (CGS) holdings in its portfolio.

The GLG Approach

GLG Surveys designed and executed a 10-wave survey series over the course of three weeks. The series ran approximately every 36 hours, with 750 consumer responses per wave. Between waves, the client had the option of adding and removing questions as the situation evolved and layoffs were announced.


The survey series helped GLG’s client understand a rapidly evolving situation and gain insight into consumer behavior and the long-term impacts on consumer purchasing power. This clarity helped the client confidently make an investment decision before its competitors were aware of the shifts.

Why GLG?

GLG delivered real-time updates on consumer sentiment and the job market during the early months of COVID-19 to help a client confidently make an investment decision.

Project Depth

10-wave survey series conducted with 750 consumer responses per wave.


Approximately 36 hours between survey waves, which ran for three weeks.

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