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The Accelerates program, a direct evolution of our Fellowship, provides nonprofit organizations at key inflection points with one year of unlimited access to GLG’s insight network to address their most pressing strategic, technical, and operational challenges and opportunities

Celebrating 10 Years of GLG Social Impact

CEO Gemma Postlethwaite on what it means for GLG to give back

This year marks a decade of GLG’s Social Impact Fellowship – our flagship program that provides select nonprofits and social enterprises with a pro bono GLG partnership. Over the years, we’ve partnered with nearly 100 Fellow organizations to help create real change for millions of people in more than 150 countries around the world. Together, we’ve accelerated research and development into lifesaving technologies, helped refugees build new lives, launched innovative responses to public health emergencies, empowered communities to navigate the changing environment, and more. 

We’re proud of that impact – and of the entire GLG community for making it possible. We’re grateful to the over 5,000 Network Members who have shared their insights with our Social Impact Fellows, often without charge. We’re grateful to the hundreds of GLGers who have lent their skills and time to this work, helping deliver an in-kind value of almost $10 million. And we’re grateful to the countless clients and GLG alumni who have referred organizations for pro bono support, spread the word about our initiatives, and otherwise supported our mission. 

As we welcome our 10th class of GLG Social Impact Fellows, we mark this important milestone by reflecting on all that we’ve accomplished together – and looking ahead to the impact we can continue to make by getting insight where it’s needed most.  

Gemma Postlethwaite, CEO, GLG 

The Fellowship at 10

For 10 years, the GLG Social Impact Fellowship has provided select nonprofits and social enterprises with a two-year pro bono partnership with GLG, as well as continued alumnus support.

Watch the video to learn more about the Fellowship’s impact.

Meet our 10th Class of Fellows

Gerald Chertavian

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Suzanne Ehlers


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Rob Johnson


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Matthew Kwok


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Gnanli Landrou


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Scott O’Neill

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“Being a part of the GLG Social Impact Fellowship has been one of the most transformational opportunities in our 15-year history. The ability to get smart quickly on a topic has fast-tracked many of our important decisions.”

-Cristi Hegranes, Publisher & CEO, Global Press | 2019 Fellow

Stories of Impact

GLG Network Members travel to Rwanda to improve health and safety of rural families.

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Fellows use GLG to enhance first response during COVID-19 pandemic.

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GLG supports vital health coaching throughout 10-year partnership.

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Fellow working to reduce recidivism gets UX/UI feedback from GLG Network Members.

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GLG Network Members help get surplus medicine to those who need it.

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Fellows work with GLG Network Members to protect the environment.

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GLG Network Members help promote ethical and accurate journalism in the world’s least-covered regions.

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Fellows promote mental health awareness and treatment around the world.

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GLG helps Fellow expand health skills training to Indonesia.

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EarthEnable develops custom earthen floors for homes in Rwanda and Uganda to eliminate health issues commonly caused by dirt floors – such as asthma, diarrhea, and malnutrition – at a cost that is 75% cheaper than installing concrete alternatives. Over the last five years, GLG has facilitated four site visits by three Network Members to help the EarthEnable team improve the chemistry, durability, and carbon efficiency of their flooring solution.

“This might be one of the most impactful weeks of EarthEnable’s history. [Graham’s help] has taken us from a company that was delivering a really good product to a really great product.”

Gayatri Datar | Co-Founder & CEO, EarthEnable | 2018 Fellow | on the site visit by GLG Network Member Graham Wright


COVID-19 impacted the work of every organization in the world. During this time of rapid change and uncertainty, GLG Network Members provided guidance and clarity to help Fellows adapt including existing organizations that played a critical role in first response and new organizations created at the onset of the pandemic 

City Health Works

GLG has supported City Health Works since its earliest days, in 2014, when the organization built a neighborhood-based workforce of health coaches to extend the reach of primary care into patients’ homes. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization expanded to include a medical provider organization and rebranded itself as CHW. In 2022, the organization’s medical practice was acquired by Oak Street, while its original health coaching model was acquired by Diverge Health. We’ve supported Founder Manmeet Kaur and her team through it all – helping them deliver exceptional health coaching, overcome new challenges, and meet increasing demand. 

“Over the past decade, GLG has provided continual, pivotal support as I have navigated City Health Works through major industry shifts and, most significantly, through the dizzyingly challenging onset of the pandemic in New York… On a personal level, they have provided me with a unique opportunity to continuously advance my abilities and confidence as a leader.”

Manmeet Kaur | Founder & CEO, CHW Cares | 2014 Fellow


Recidiviz uses data-informed tools to reduce incarceration in the U.S. by helping criminal justice leaders and agencies develop real-time pictures of their systems, diagnose issues, and drive meaningful change.

  • The Project: Recidiviz was developing and refining products to help parole and probation officers with heavy caseloads better support the parolees they work with. Recidiviz’s tools track parolees’ performance, so officers can see who needs help meeting requirements like counseling, employment, and housing.

  • The Outcome: GLG connected Recidiviz’s design team with 12 former parole and probation officers from multiple states. These conversations provided unique and objective UX/UI feedback for product development, helping Recidiviz design the most useful and impactful products to reduce recidivism.


SIRUM is a nonprofit social enterprise that redistributes unused, unexpired drugs that would otherwise go to waste to safety-net clinics. Through conversations with GLG Network Members, the SIRUM team unearthed several new actionable sources for surplus medications. For example, they learned that when big retail chains acquire independent pharmacies, an average of $1-2M of usable medicine is destroyed – waste that SIRUM aims to prevent. 

“We never would have known this surplus existed without talking to GLG Network Members. These conversations have unlocked millions of dollars in medications to be donated rather than destroyed. Without GLG, we would have spent 18-24 months expending social capital to learn this information – instead we discovered it in days.”

Kiah Williams | Co-Founder, SIRUM | 2017 Fellow

Global Press

GLG’s suite of product offerings have proven invaluable throughout our partnership with Global Press, an organization that trains and employs local female journalists to produce ethical, accurate news in the world’s least-covered regions. During their 2020 expansion, Global Press spoke with GLG Network Members to validate whether they could operate in 52 potential countries while ensuring the safety of their reporters, analyzing factors like security, law, political landscape, and more. GLG has also helped Global Press understand their readers by launching Voice of Customer surveys for audiences in Zimbabwe, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

“Our end goal in this expansion is very important, so we appreciate the revolutionary support of GLG’s Network Members. Thanks to GLG, we’ve been able to cut our research time in half.”

Laxmi Parthasarathy | Chief Operating Officer, Global Press | 2019 Fellow

Photo Caption: Shilu Manandhar, GPJ Nepal, is reporting in the field.
Photo Credit: Krista Kapralos

Noora Health

Noora Health improves health outcomes and strengthens health systems by equipping patients and their loved ones with caregiving skills. Working with local, state, and national governments across 4,500+ facilities in India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, Noora Health delivers high-quality training to families, then stays connected via mobile tech. Noora Health has reached over 4 million caregivers to date.

  • The Project: Noora Health was planning an expansion into Indonesia and needed to better understand the health policy ecosystem, chief drivers of access to health care, and disease dynamics of the country.

  • The Outcome: GLG connected the team with a former Indonesian Ministry of Health official, a local hospital director, and the former CEO of an international healthcare technology company. GLG’s Network Members provided crucial insight into Indonesia’s health landscape, which informed Noora Health’s expansion strategy. As a result, Noora Health has successfully partnered with local government health systems to train caregivers in Indonesia, and has a pathway to expand more in the future.

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