How One IT Company Broke Into the GAFA Market

Delivering different IT perspectives to help inform strategic direction.


A B2B technology client examined its competitive landscape and identified large, GAFA-type tech companies (e.g. Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) as a promising market for it to enter.

In order to decide whether to build or buy a targeted offering, the client wanted a deep understanding of GAFA companies’ pain points.

The GLG Solution

GLG recruited 14 former senior GAFA leaders to be part of this study and staffed a qualitative researcher from our extensive network with first-hand B2B technology expertise to lead a series of moderated in-depth interviews. The project team analyzed responses, identified key pain points, and uncovered future buying trends.

The project team highlighted three areas where GAFA companies struggle to develop in-house IT capabilities.


Our client used the three areas the project team identified as a lens to examine how its competitors addressed the GAFA market, helping to refine their strategy for these target companies.

Why GLG?

The insight the client received from this project gave them the ability to focus their efforts specifically on their top priority targets, reducing their time to market and resource costs.


GLG staffed the project lead, a qualitative researcher with first-hand B2B tech expertise

Custom Recruiting

GLG sourced 14 senior ex-GAFA executives including CIOs, CTOs, and SVPs to participate in the project

Project Breadth

GLG conducted 14 expert moderated in-depth interviews and provided qualitative insights over a 10 day engagement

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