Breaking into the European Market

Tapping a difficult-to-reach population for critical market insights.


A pharmaceutical company was developing a novel drug/device combination and wanted to determine how much it would grow their existing market in key European countries. They also hoped to understand how much market share could be captured.

Looking for deep expertise from a difficult-to-reach population of physicians, the client came to GLG.

The GLG Approach

The project required a careful balance between qualitative and quantitative research. To stay coordinated in addressing each of the five European markets, GLG assembled a project team that included a project lead and local-language market researchers in each country of interest.

Over the course of six weeks, the team conducted 40 in-depth interviews with 40 different physicians. Based on their reaction to the novel therapy, GLG drafted a survey questionnaire that aimed to understand country-specific reactions and concerns. GLG sourced a population of more than 300 physicians to participate in this survey.


The team synthesized the data and presented both overall and country-by-country results, giving the client a segmented view of their potential market, including physician concerns, positioning recommendations, and development recommendations.

Why GLG?

The client ultimately used the final insights to establish which markets to enter first, and to make strategic decisions about product development.


Project Lead and local-language market researchers in each country of interest.

Project Breadth

40 Expert-moderated in-depth interviews
1 Survey with 300 respondents

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