eBook| Perspectives on the Metaverse: Exploring our Digital Future

The Metaverse is still very much in construction, we have yet to see what form it might ultimately take and how it will impact our lives and businesses. All we know now is that it will have some impact, but what will it be and how much change will it provoke?

In GLG’s Perspectives on the Metaverse eBook. we’ve compiled four points of view from our Network Members, looking at the Metaverse with a variety of in-depth expertise. The articles collected in the eBook are:

  • Metaverse Evolution: A Five-Year Timeline
  • Metaverse Outlook and the Current Trends
  • Hyper-Realistic MetaHuman: The “Bridge” to the Metaverse in Web 3.0
  • NFTs, the Metaverse, and How They Fit Corporate Strategy
  • NVIDIA Is the Key to the Metaverse

The Metaverse is still in flux. But a technology in flux presents opportunities if you have the insight necessary to see where they lie.