Bringing Bias to the Forefront: Strategies to Mitigate Unconscious Racial Bias in U.S. Hiring

Bias remains a pervasive and persistent issue in hiring processes across the U.S. Changing course is not only an ethical imperative – it’s also a critical opportunity for businesses, as bias can cause organizations to overlook top talent.

GLG’s latest Insights with Impact report, “Bringing Bias to the Forefront,” provides a roadmap for organizations to mitigate unconscious racial bias in hiring. GLG Social Impact convened nine leading DE&I and talent acquisition experts from our Network Membership to collaboratively outline strategies that organizations can implement immediately to reduce bias throughout their hiring processes.

The resulting roadmap details a range of tactics, including establishing standardized and data-centric hiring processes, focusing exclusively on skills and competencies when evaluating candidates, and enforcing both organizational and individual accountability for DE&I goals.

GLG previously held a roundtable discussion featuring some of the report’s contributors. The recording is available here.