Consumer Insights into Healthy Snack Food Customers in Australia and New Zealand

Gathering qualitative insights to validate brand and marketing strategy


A client came to GLG seeking to better understand the customer base of a healthy snack food brand with Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) operations and validate its branding and marketing strategy. It sought to uncover ANZ consumers’ snacking preferences, purchasing criteria, and brand affinities, as well as how the brand is differentiated.

The GLG Approach

GLG conducted a consumer survey with a panel of 1,000 ANZ individuals who were active or inactive customers, as well as a mixture of prospects who were familiar or unfamiliar with the brand.

The GLG team managed the research project end to end, staffing a consultant with more than six years of relevant experience to distill the findings.


The resulting report presented more than 60 pages of analysis, highlighting the key findings and areas for further study. It also highlighted what was working with the portfolio company’s branding and how it aligned with consumers’ perceptions.

This report reinforced the brand’s overall messaging efforts and helped steer a couple of new product development decisions.

Why GLG?

Provided insight into an Australian- and New Zealand-based healthy snack food company’s branding and marketing strategy through a comprehensive consumer survey to help reinforce its overall messaging efforts and help drive new product development decisions.

Best-in-Class Project Lead:

A project consulting lead with more than six years’ experience as an independent consultant and also formerly with top-tier consulting firms was brought in to help interpret and distill the findings.

Qualitative Insights:

GLG gathered a statistically significant sample, allowing for confidence in the insights revealed by the survey.


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