Assessing IoT Growth Opportunities

Building a playbook to strategically target a desired market.


A client had built a successful business in automotive Internet of Things technology, selling products to automotive OEMs. The company felt it could continue to grow by taking on even more OEM market share. It needed a plan for further growth and came to GLG to assess opportunities beyond its existing client base.

The GLG Approach

Working with the client, GLG determined that the company needed to develop a playbook for its sales force to target other auto OEMs. We selected a B2B researcher with more than 25 years of experience conducting focus groups and in-depth interviews with engineers, developers, architects, CIOs, and distributors.

GLG also recruited the audience that would participate in the study, making sure to choose a meaningful sample size. We sourced 35 experts from relevant backgrounds, including suppliers to OEMs, vehicle navigation and infotainment experts, automotive executives, and systems integrators. GLG identified professionals with previous work experience at the client’s key target OEM companies.

The project lead conducted interviews, synthesized findings into a comprehensive playbook, and presented the study’s conclusions to the company’s senior leadership team.


The client used GLG’s playbook to help their sales teams target the right OEMs with the right messaging, and they continued their search for further growth areas with greater clarity.

Why GLG?

By pairing an experienced market research team with a panel of highly relevant subject matter experts, GLG helped the client pinpoint their sales messaging to the right OEMs.


GLG staffed the project lead, a B2B researcher with 25+ years of relevant experience conducting focus groups and in-depth interviews.

Custom Recruiting

GLG sourced 35 experts that included suppliers to OEMs, vehicle navigation experts, automotive executives, systems integrators, and professionals with experience at the client’s target companies.

Project Breadth

35 Expert-moderated in-depth interviews

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