eBook | Message Testing: Best Practices

Message testing helps you understand what your customers want, the language they use, and what resonates (or does not resonate) with them.

GLG’s Message Testing: Best Practices eBook breaks down some of the basics: what message testing is, when to use it, and how to succeed at this very important element of your go-to-market research.

In this eBook, you’ll find:

  • What Is Message Testing, and Why Does It Matter? — What can you learn from message testing, and should you risk not conducting this research?
  • When to Conduct Message Testing — Where does message testing fit into theresearch life cycle, and when in your communication development process should you plan to conduct it?
  • How to Conduct Message Testing — Message testing can be either quantitative or qualitative. What methodology is right for your needs?
  • Improving Message Testing — What are some simple strategies for improving your message testing research?

Understanding your customers seems easy, but often your own biases and assumptions will influence the messages you develop. Message testing is meant to overcome challenges like this and help you craft messages that truly resonate with your customers.