Staffing an Expert on a Transformation Project in Mining and Metals

A Professional Services Firm Needed a Technical Expert to Bolster Their Team on an In-Depth Request


A professional services firm client won a major transformation project in the mining and metals space. They sought an expert with a deep understanding of open pit mining and experience in operations and maintenance.

The GLG Approach

The professional services firm came to GLG seeking a subject-matter expert to bolster their team for the duration of the project. The project required GLG’s expert to join client-facing meetings and visit the mining site, so a willingness to travel was important.

GLG quickly sourced a former general manager at a global mining corporation who had extensive experience in operations and maintenance in open pit mining. The expert worked with the team for more than 42 hours across the approximately two-month phase of the project, which included two on-site visits to the end client’s mine in Canada.


The expert shared their perspective on ways to adopt more efficient processes and helped to validate the client’s approaches. Upon completion of phase one of the project, the client team came back to GLG to contract more than 60 additional hours of work with the expert, including two additional visits to the Canadian site.

Why GLG?

A professional services firm client needed technical expertise to support their transformation project. GLG sourced an expert with extensive mining operations and maintenance experience to partner with the client for approximately two months to provide their perspectives, visit the mining site, and validate their approaches.

Best-in-Class Panels:

One senior advisor performed more than 40 hours of work over two months for phase one of the project, then contracted for an additional 60 hours of work for phase two of the project.

Advisor Engagements:

The client team partnered with a Network Member who served as a senior advisor offering in-depth support throughout the project.

Extension of the Team:

The senior advisor functioned as an extension of the client’s team to provide feedback on their work, join meetings, visit the mining site, and serve as a point of validation based on their expertise.

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