New Market Expansion

Learning the specific operational procedures that drive an IT Decision Maker’s technology needs is a critical piece of understanding the opportunity for growth in a new marketplace. By using GLG to access stakeholders up and down the value chain, tech-strategy teams get real-time feedback from the marketplace that helps them effectively establish market-share in right new spaces and stay up-to-date on vendor perceptions in their existing markets.


GLG partnered with the Corporate Strategy team of a global cloud solutions provider to help them explore market expansion opportunities in the media and entertainment space.

What our client was looking to learn:

Potential future cloud use cases in media and technology.


How IT leaders think about pricing, features, and the competition.


What drives increased consumption within the business.

GLG Calls: Tapping into GLG’s network of approximately 1 million Network Members, GLG connected the client with four leading professionals across media and entertainment.
Cloud Architect

“I work on the distribution side of the business and can discuss how cloud technologies affect my part of the value chain.”

EVP of Business Development

“Cloud technologies made our pre and post production processes run much more efficiently.”

SVP Strategic Analysis and Financial Strategies

“Cloud technology came into play in two areas where I was involved: planning and analytics, and content storage and delivery.”

Senior Director of Infrastructure

“I was responsible for managing our infrastructure workflows, including the public and private cloud, our three data centers, and the procurement of our cloud services.”

Qualitative Insights

GLG conducted a survey of 80 senior media and entertainment IT professionals to learn more about which mission-critical applications could feasibly be moved to the cloud in the next 3-5 years.

GLG’s solutions-based approach to primary research helped the client understand the voice of the marketplace. By speaking directly with professionals who have evaluated, purchased, and utilized cloud technologies, the client was able to:

Understand the market opportunity.


Validate hypotheses that would have previously gone untested.


Make more informed decisions about expansion.

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