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GLG is the world’s leading platform connecting business to insight.

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GLG’s more than 900,000 Network Members include thought leaders across every major sector and geography.


Interview | Understanding the Why: The Necessity of Insights

An interview with David Edelman, GLG Network Member and former CMO of Aetna

First off, how do you define insight? I define insight as understanding the deeper dynamics of what is going on:…


Ocean Sustainability and Biodiversity

Ragnar Arnason, PhD, GLG Network Member and Professor of Fisheries Economics & Marine Resources at the University of Iceland

Teleconference Date: August 24, 2022

As the destruction of natural ecosystems continues at an unprecedented rate, the financial risks stemming from biodiversity loss are becoming…


How to Deal with a Global Crisis

Michael Götz, Founder and Managing Director of APUS Partners GmbH, former Senior Vice President Public and Governmental Affairs at K+S | former Senior Vice President Environment and Regulatory Affairs at K+S

GLG Webcast Date: September 1, 2022

What is a crisis? The word crisis stems from the Greek word krísis (κρίσις), which refers to a massive disturbance…

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