Why GLG Qualitative?

GLG’s qualitative insights team applies the power
of qualitative research to help you meet your research needs.

We help you gain deeper voice of customer insights to identify unmet needs, launch a new product or service, enter a new market, or test a hypothesis, product, and message across the development life cycle.

Explore Our Approach in Action

End-to-End Qualitative Product Research

GLG, supported by in-house methodologists, applied its deep expertise to help a client make informed decisions about their product’s features.

Use Discussion Boards to Test Your Messaging

GLG provided a client a panel of experts to test and understand what messages resonate with their target audience.

Unbiased Insight with Customer Journey Mapping

GLG developed discussion guides to drive focus group conversations to explore markets to enhance a client’s existing portfolio.

B2B Focus Groups with Learning and Development

GLG equipped a client with key information needed to support the shift to their new global structure.

A Range of Research to Match Your Goals

Focus Groups

Bring together a select group of B2B users to understand their perceptions and decision-making criteria.

Online Discussion Boards

Gather insights through a private moderated forum with a customized group of respondents as they respond and react to your content.

Keynote Speaker Placements

Find a seasoned industry speaker or subject-matter expert for an upcoming engagement.


Better understand market opportunities and enable your sales team to perfect their pitch through collaboration with industry experts.

Panels/Advisory Boards

Better understand market dynamics, industry challenges, and related workflows, by running a panel discussion or advisory panel with industry leaders.

L&D Training/Customer Webcasts

Help support professional development of soft and technical skills with bespoke programs.

Product/Usability Testing

Receive unbiased feedback from a diverse group of users while maintaining anonymity with hands-on testing of prototypes or devices.

Site Visits/Tours

Better understand user behaviors, workflows and untapped opportunities by conducting a site tour to see users in their environment.

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