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GLG’s articles and eBooks are drawn from the insight of the best and brightest, our approximately 1 million Network Members, who include thought leaders across every major sector and geography. You’ll also find research best practices from our internal teams as well as Spotlights on how we’ve helped companies like yours get the clarity to act with confidence.


Finding a Marketing Expert Witness

In marketing-related litigation, the expertise of a marketing expert witness can be invaluable. These professionals bring industry-specific knowledge and experience to help attorneys, judges, and juries understand complex marketing concepts….


Finding a Mining Expert Witness

Mining expert witnesses play a crucial role in legal cases involving mining operations, accidents, disputes, and environmental issues. They are qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in the mining…


Finding a Surgeon Expert Witness

Expert witnesses play a crucial role in litigation by providing their specialized knowledge and opinions in court cases. Surgeon expert witnesses are medical professionals with extensive experience in surgical procedures….


Finding a Pharmaceutical Expert Witness

When dealing with pharmaceutical-related litigation, having a qualified pharmaceutical expert witness can be instrumental in building a strong case. A pharmaceutical expert witness can be called upon to provide expert…


Finding a Dental Expert Witness

Dental expert witnesses can play a crucial role by providing specialized knowledge and testimony related to dental issues in legal cases. This guide will walk you through what a dental…


Finding and Working with Governance Expert Witn…

Corporate governance plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction and ethics of a business. When legal disputes or regulatory issues arise, having a corporate governance expert witness can prove…

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