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We are The World’s Insight Network, bringing decision makers the insight it takes to get ahead. With GLG you can act with the confidence that comes from true clarity.

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GLG’s articles and eBooks are drawn from the insight of the best and brightest, our approximately 1 million Network Members, who include thought leaders across every major sector and geography. You’ll also find research best practices from our internal teams as well as Spotlights on how we’ve helped companies like yours get the clarity to act with confidence.


Interview | Understanding the Why: The Necessit…

First off, how do you define insight? I define insight as understanding the deeper dynamics of what is going on: why it’s happening and how it’s happening. Insight means getting…


Ocean Sustainability and Biodiversity

As the destruction of natural ecosystems continues at an unprecedented rate, the financial risks stemming from biodiversity loss are becoming increasingly significant for investors and companies. To dive deeper, GLG…


How to Deal with a Global Crisis

What is a crisis? The word crisis stems from the Greek word krísis (κρίσις), which refers to a massive disturbance of a social, political, or economic system that could last…


Avoiding Bias in Market Research: Types of Bias

Bias happens. Just being human means you have many biases. They’re inherent in our preferences, our likes and dislikes, our expectations and experiences. Biases are underlying factors that cause prejudices…


Interview | Insight Can Clarify Our Observations 

How do you define insight? For me, insight is most easily defined as information that reveals something or someone’s true nature. It penetrates below the surface layer, not only to…


Interview | Insight Lies Beyond Information

How do you define insight, and how is it different from information? Insight is a broad term. It could have many definitions, but for the sake of our conversation, let’s…

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