GLG Network Survey: MedTech

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GLG interviewed 70 senior executives working at MedTech companies across the US and Europe (UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy).

What will you learn from this survey?

  • Respondents discussed the COVID-19 impact on the market and provided their views on the current regulatory landscape.
  • The survey also gathered insights into the current demand for medical devices and reimbursement mechanisms.
  • Lastly, the research looked into the experts’ views on whether or not organisations started or reprioritised new product development projects to accelerate new products that would take advantage of the opportunities created by the COVID-19 crisis.

Examples of findings:

  • 50% of the US experts stated that the investment in R&D was reduced as a direct impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, compared to 36% reported in Europe.
  • Overall, 67% of respondents mentioned that the revenue for 2021 is expected to be higher by at least 10% compared to the 2020 figures.
  • The majority of experts in the US and Europe mentioned they are expecting a “V” shaped recovery (quick decline and quick recovery) in the MedTech space.


The GLG Surveys team drafted the questionnaire with the support of GLG Network Member, Timothy DeLapp, former Global Director Physician Relations & Initiatives at Medtronic Plc.

The standard deliverable includes:

  • 1 x Individual responses (“raw data”), in Excel.
  • 1 x PPT report with aggregated data.
  • In-depth PowerPoint report of survey findings presented by the Network Member via webcast (optional).


  • Who do you consider to be the top three main players in your market place? 
  • Thinking of the COVID crisis environment, how do you think medtech organizations in your market place/ market space performed compared to pre-COVID-19 period? 
  • Which of the following had major impact on organizations’ in your market place/ market space ability to generate revenue in 2020? 
  • COVID-19 crisis created significant barriers to access to hospital and healthcare professionals. In response, what actions did most organizations in your market space implement?  
  • Which of those actions identified in the prior question do you expect to continue in future/ post recovery? 
  • What type of recovery are you anticipating in your served sector in the medtech market? 
  • COVID Crisis has transformed the medical device industry. Looking forward, what are the three most important trends for businesses in your sector? 
  • How likely do you think another wave of COVID-19 will impact businesses in your sectors in the next 24 months? 


The survey is available to subscribers of the Healthcare (HC) sector (Limited subscriptions and above). Please contact your GLG representative for details on your firm’s access or click the button below to inquire.

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