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Expand your market research capabilities to reach more compelling outcomes and win new business.

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Every day, leading market research firms work with GLG to get the first-hand expertise they need to solve their most complex client challenges.

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When faced with a complex problem, it can be hard to know where to start. GLG’s platform helps market research professionals gather first-hand expertise to deliver optimal client outcomes and win new business.


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Our network of Council Members includes more than 900,000 subject-matter experts, spanning industry, geography, and role.
Jamin Brazil
Former CEO
Jodi Watson
Former CMO
Elys Roberts
Former CEO
Case Study

Machine Learning Data for Smart Cities

In 2018, a major software company was preparing to launch a new product that collected machine learning data for smart cities. Partnering with GLG enabled them to better understand the unmet needs of their key personas.

Case Study

Market Sizing for Industrial Equipment

When a major industrial company was building out a five-year product roadmap, GLG helped them better understand the North American market for winches, hoists and related equipment.


VoC Research & the Cloud

Elizabeth Grausam, Head of Corporate Markets

It used to be easy to identify your customer. But today, it’s more complicated than ever. Once upon a time, a…

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